Still can’t get it working! I have a U. I’ve found two USB modems that are advertised to work under Linux: Page History Login to edit. Is most important that type the following command below to exit fg wvdial wvdial Again type the same command: Before connecting the modem I clear up the messages with: I have kppp installed, if that helps.

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ScanModem is specifically designed to detect modems under Linux and. Was test the gnome-ppp dialer, but without success to connect the UOL provedor. The support for USB soundcard-like modems is untested and broken.

Having a problem logging in? Marvin Stodolsky scanModem maintainer. File o directory non esistente grep: If no appear any error after have typed the command: It’s been a long time from posting this and no one can help.

Can a US Robotics USB Softmodem be made to work on Linux?

But I use Ubuntu Linmodem source agere modem linux is listed below Otherwise packages have to be found through http: I messed up my Ubuntu server linu much that I restored it from a backup. The modem 56K only approach until in maximum. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.


Scott Stookey 1, 6 Within ancient kernel 2. I used ‘lsusb’ command and it gave me the ID of my usb modem.

The instructions used here are the same than Hugo Canilli’s and Marv Stodolsky’s ones and are available at: For Ubuntu related linud this can be done with: That is why I then begun a search and study to develop my tutorial which could be used as part of the Ubuntu documentation.

I fear you may be SOL with this device. Discover the magic of the Internet. It works in Windows.

Can a US Robotics USB Softmodem be made to work on Linux?

Tags dial updial-upmodem Thread Tools. No need to make it more difficult than necessary. Linux experts in YourCountry can be found through:.

The basic problem is that I have not been able to find the correct switch command for my modem. Modem or host audio card candidates have firmware information: Until here, this procedure of compilation is common to any driver.


Re: ID 047e:2892 Agere Systems, Inc. (Lucent)

For soundcard-like modems compatible with the sl-modem-daemon, we will have full support. Linux drivers for Conexant modem chipsets project I have installed LinuxMint Bianca, in the hopes that liux will work with my modem, the Stratitec. To exit of this connection use the command: To achieve this, run the next command to backup.

You could use sudo to run the following commands as root, but it seems that this might cause some compilation errors. Google finds nothing for “ehci-cid”. The base of the UDEV device file system is: Internet dialer version 1.