Don’t tell me I have to connect them via USB – oh the pity of it! To anyone planing on moving to Snow Leopard if you are using a eSata card you need to check to see if it is compatible. I have a JMicron chip card only issue is it only has 1 eSata port not 2 like my Griffin card that uses the now bad drivers. Apparently the driver still works. Thanks for the tip! I was somewhat hopeful that this idea might work. I have tried contacting Leaf Computer by phone but as yet have got no reply.

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I don’t think the problem is with your LaCie 4Big drives, however.

Unleash Mountain Lion’s true potential. No promises that this any of this will be the same for you, but here’s how the problem was corrected for me. I just installed snow leopard yesterday, and to my dismay my eSATA drives are no longer working! Return to posts index. Apparently the driver still works.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

Do people raid multiple eSATA drives together with a card like that? I upgraded SL to The final driver will probably be available within two weeks. Once booted into the older OS you can now have full access to that data and can move it off. I feel I was getting that with FW OS X Mountain Lion can run on the following models: LaCie replaced both drives and replaced the PCIe card you had the link to in your post, but still the same problem.


Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

Best Regards Gabriele Pellegrini. Does it use the chipset as the SI card does?

From finding out what hardware and software you own is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion to learning more about new features Apple has added to its latest OS, OWC is the single source solution your liom for all your information needs.

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sil3132 eSATA PCcard Mountain Lion works

But today, a light at the end of this particularly irritating tunnel. Might wait for those to come out but I am getting impatient running these 2Bigs on FW Because of all the esata driver issues, I am seriously considering moving my drives into a gigabit ethernet enclosure.

Don’t let technology get in the way of your creativity! For a while I was able to use my eSata express card to work with the external drive when in loon 32 bit environment. I have tried contacting Leaf Computer by phone but as yet have got no reply.


It works fine as long as I insert it before I power up. That’s not Apple screwing editors. My concern is getting to that data, not setting up a new storage system.

So far so good. Not in 32bit or 64bit environs. Pulled that card and have been using them w apiotke Firewire interface since. Now how often does THAT happen??

I have an eSata card in my Mac Pro and the original driver is incompatible, and the apiotem download fixed it. I would assume it will be faster. I hope for you that finally the driver and the year written works It seems to be the copies where it really has problems.