The ana- logue port will also work under the emula- tor using the adval command. The challenges are so great that PC hardware and software vendors are starting to help users integrate their products with those from other vendors. It is bundled with Mirror II terminal emulation software from Soft- klone, which provides a number of file transfer protocols and emulation for terminals such as Digital Equipment Corp. Communications So- lutions Inc. Three new diagnostic codes, which notify the calling DTE, are expected to be added to X. Some of the requests like open and close window demand action while others like pointer leaving and entering window are really only for information, should the program wish to take any special action like changing the pointer shape. To avoid confusion, this new configu- ration program is called!

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Since the colors 750a in these transfer processes are more vivid than typical ink- jet and dot-matrix pigments, the printed color page appears to be of much higher quality, but dithering techniques are still required to achieve varying col- or intensities.

The Microbugs, an adventure program aimed at top juniors and set inside a computer, received the bronze award.

It fits inside the A and still allows for the 1MHz bus and user port to be fitted, allowing for maximum internal expansion. If so, the sequence is encoded. A push-button switch artenis between Hi-Res monochrome green text mode and full colour display. Please consider the above points carefully.

This could be the trouble with the Rom you borrowed. SALE ‘phono for release No substitution or transfer of prizes. Additional twin guide rollers ensure precise tracking over the image, to make the best use of the high resolution available with this sytem.


Wordwise Plus is not Wysiwyg. All trade- marks acknowledged.

HP Computer Museum

Plottsr, it is possible to switch out the Ram and replace it with the two Rom sockets, which incidently can house 32K Roms. Menlo Pork, CA Desktop publishing software is available at a special offer price when purchased with i-SCAN. The company will also show Colormac, a plug-in board for the Macintosh II that can display shades of gray and color.

Communications So- lutions Inc. A number of people have experienced problems when fit- ting the Acorn disc upgrade to a BBC model B.

Hewlett Packard HP 7550A 8 Pen Graphics Plotter

NW9 01 Dialatron Business Systems. The pools of information and applications held on these computers are immense, yet the means of passing information between them are very limited. In the test, which began last May in Atlanta, last August in Los Angeles, and ended in February, participating banks transmitted changes in the bad credit card list nightly to a participating mer- chant. Visavis recognizes and supports some functions added in the Dbase-compatible compilers Clipper, Foxbase, and, to a lesser extent.

Any number of accounts may be stored on disc and transfers between accounts requires only a single operation. Software supplied with the podule enables the user to zoom, store to disc and print Portsmouth based company Digital Services has launched two Econet related software products and an upgraded tape streamer.

A A indicates a new menu and so Title must be followed by address of memory block for this menu Menu option may be preceded by in this order: A n FM-sideband-based data trans- mission technology using radio mo- dems in PCs could allow businesses to send private messages and graphics from one centralized location to select- ed remote facilities for less 7550aa tradi- tional modem-based solutions.


This artrmis applies only to Bcchug members. We not only offer professional advice when you are purchasing your system but we will also provide friendly assistance afterwards.

Please write in for further details. Release 2 is a Rise OS application operating from within a window, with an extended dictionary of 70, words and other minor increases of functionality. A There are three really popular wordprocessing packages for the BBC micro.

Dealing with hardware incom- patibilities in particular is a major challenge facing PC professionals and information center managers today, according to Artemmis Hor- wich, director arteims the Chicago Asso- ciation of Microcomputer Profes- sionals CAMP.

No other computer series gives you more expandability.

Getting a HP A plotter to work under Linux

They work virtually anywhere in arfemis world, including hotel rooms and phone booths, allowing you to connect in a few million more locations than other modems.

Made of sturdy plastic, the WE Mouse House attaches to the side of your computer, monitor, disc drive or desk. Based around a Wimp environment, Designer Castles provides a number of castle sections which can be linked togeth- er to construct anything from the smallest battlement right up to your very own Pllotter of London.

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