I have given complaint and they tried lot of things.. But regular downloads are at KBps which is great for me. As a result of this my job is under issues.. As informed by ADL about throttling of peer to peer traffic, I have been experiencing good download data transfer rate with static public IP using Bittorrent. I suggest you refer 5th step for more details. Maybe I will go in for a static IP later on to override the login issue.

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I have asianeg old asianet broadband service. Even with all this cons, Asianet Dataline cable Internet service have it’s edge over ADSL providers by providing more data transfer speeds and extra data transfer for ADTV subscribers and to more far places. After googling I found that this issue was reported by many cable modem is popular in US with many providers there asiane the reasons could be a problem in the cable modem itself or voltage fluctuation or a problem in the line.

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Cable Modem Service | Annual Maintenance Contract | Asianet Broadband | Kerala

Posted December 18, I had to use Asianet’s dns. For some issues they will call back and usually does so within a few minutes. Some of the modern modems come with an in-built router within the same box.


You can find it here: The speed has been consistent and for Indian servers I have been able to get almost 20 mbps download all the time. How are the game downloads?

To enable this feature go to User Setup under Parental Control. There were a couple or 3 outages where the technical support personnel told me that there was an issue in the line and it was rectified within a few minutes whenever I called.

Posted February 14, The “My Account” portal also has detailed usage information. I stay in the Asianeet area of Kochi where they have this facility. Unfortunately I will be leaving for my studies abroad and the only devices left back at home would have to be connected through wireless. You could even think of buying a modem-router combo for greater practicality. WiFi Connection Issues If you are facing WiFi connection issues with Asianet cable modem, follow the instructions provided in the link below.

Leave the current password field blank for the first time entry and then type the new password. But your local ISP may not be connected to an internet line faster than a T-carrier system at 1. Thanks Admin, but we’ve got to try it once that’s the scenario. I was getting an ms for 90 to till morem month. I hope such services become a distant reality in Chennai too. And are you able to stream full HD without buffering? Hi Pavan, it seems you have cable issues.


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The next asiqnet itself the cable was laid. This feature helps you to identify the computers connected to the WiFi network by checking the MAC address.

A cable modem is a little complex as it operates both in the physical layer as well as the data link layer; this is in addition to having functionalities at other layers too.

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The service should be available in most parts of Trivandrum and Kochi now. I had already paid 1 year advance for cable TV. I have learned from my experience that rather than listening to the per-scripted replies of customer support guys at their support center, it’s better to deal with guys in their branch office.

I have some questions. But if your modem only has outlets for a coaxial and an Ethernet connection, then yours is a stand-alone modem that will need a router for multi-user connectivity.