Click on the wireless networks tab. Do you have windows XP SP3 installed? I thank you very much and boy, is my face red What am I missing? I tried to install drivers but the ones installed are the latest. Is the Network Key correct?

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HP Broadcom 54g 802.11a-g Wireless Mini PCI LAN Card

Something is missing that I am not aware of. I think the both of us are missing something obvious but I don’t know what it could be. I put in correct key, hit Ok and Ok. You don’t want TKIP.

If it is a dual band router 2. Message 5 of 9. I shut down computers and router and did a cold boot, but nothing changed.

If yes, does the wireless card in your notebook “see” your home wireless SSID? I thought to myself that it couldn’t be that because I had looked over the laptop carefully before I brooadcom anything. Message 4 of 9. I didn’t even know there was a switch there! I also don’t understand why the card shows no wireless networks available. I don’t know why things aren’t simple.


HP Broadcom 54g a-g Wireless Mini PCI LAN Card | eBay

I currently have a wired connection to my router, but I can’t seem to get wireless set up. My router is a Netgear N Wireless Dualband. Hello, I was just given this older laptop, HP Pavillion zx which I am trying to fix up for grandkids.

Then I figured the brpadcom card died.

Hp Pavillion zx and Broadcom 54g Maxperformance wireless – HP Support Community –

Could the BroadcomAdapter’s general configuration be wrong? So, I slid it over and the light turned blue, and that was that. The wireless adapter is shown as working properly in properties.

My recommendation is to have a friend come over that may know something about wireless networking. Click on the blue Change Advanced Settings on the lower left of the window. What am I missing?

I thank you very much and boy, is my face red Message 9 of 9. Thank you for helping me. Message 8 of 9.


For HP Broadcom 54G MaxPerformance 802.11g BCM94318 Mini-PCI Wifi Wirelss Card APR-19

Note on archived topics. Message 1 of 9.

They never seem to be when you think they should be. This topic has been archived.

Is the Network Key correct? Broadocm type of security is your router set for? Why is nothing computerish ever simple? Is the checkmark there to connect even if this network is not broadcasting?