Claim this company page Review this company. The CEO and presidents of Cabletron were very sketchy. Also, the day before Celestica was going to buy Cabletron Manufacturing, Craig Benson found out Celestica was installing Cisco routers. One of the best work environments I have ever been a part of. Co-workers always willing to help you.

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Cabletron Systems

Co-workers always willing to help you. Goodbye CS – you were definitely a fun company to watch. He orderd one of cablftron gophers to buy a sledge hammer and Benson then proceded to have the routers hauled out to the parking lot and he personally smashed them! If true, he really is worthy of all the negative comments Cablwtron the Fortune companies, Cabletron also provides products and services to a wide variety of financial institutions, federal and state agencies, industrial and manufacturing firms, and academic institutions.

Cabletron company and contact information

As Cabletron expanded its reach in the networking business, they initially moved into Layer 3 routing by partnering with Ciscoco-developing a Cisco router that would fit into the MMAC-8 hub. A ‘Token Ring’ is a type of network where computer workstations are provided access to the network by means of a token that passes from station to station in a ring.

They are all gone – and will remain in the memories of the networking old-timers! By developing high-density 10BASE-T modules 24 or 48 ports per slotCabletron was able to reduce the price per port of these hubs to a very affordable level, and by introducing a custom Element Management System known as Prism, made the MMAC-8 easy to maintain.


Future of Lnc Business Services. I don’t want to say goodbye, but, that’s Network. Riverstone, focused on service providers in the metro area; Enterasys, focused on enterprise switching customers, Aprisma Management Technologiesfocused on software customers, and GlobalNetwork Technology Services Inc. Levine and Benson’s unorthodox management style gives employees impetus to work hard.

Showing all 17 reviews. To speed order processing, Levine hired ten part-time employees to splice and package cables.

Cabletron, R.I.P.

Very abusive to employees, all legal in my case. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Many Faces of Digital Transformation. January Learn how and when to remove innc template message. This is just the legal recognition of something that had been in practice for 15 months. A stroke of good fortune also helped: This should also be removed. Eventually, Riverstone was placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and liquidated.

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In addition, Cabletron provided the Cablteron industry with a comprehensive approach to network management control with its SPECTRUM product, the first protocol independent multi-vendor network management system based on concepts derived from artificial intelligence. Enterasys has made good traction with new customers, adding new ones this year with approximately 20 percent of its revenues coming from these customers in the last quarter, says the company.


The Future of Cable Business Services.

Cabletron Systems, Inc. — Company History

EXTR struggle to handle both customer bases. Company Histories As consumers, we often take for granted all the hard work that goes into building a great company.

The early products were critical in the history of Ethernet as 10BASE5 Ethernet was generally difficult to operate and maintain and cabling problems were especially difficult to diagnose. Want to know more about working here?

This was a technology company that went out of business. This should be removed. Cabletron decided to enter the Sysrems card market inand although it entered the marketplace disadvantaged by its small product line, the company soon emerged as the fastest growing manufacturer of PC cards.

The typical day consisted of cold calling, coardinating presentations, cableteon and leveraging both internal and external resources.

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