FreeBSD support has been improved. We respect your privacy. I’m trying to get an Epson Stylus Photo to work under amd64 Intrepid. Changes to the last stable release include: Are we all made of light! Currently there are the following options available:

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December 16th, 3. It’s quite important because the printer has 4 separate ink cartridges. Many distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian etc.

nxtvepg(1) – Linux man page

Error reporting is now much more verbose. Register now We respect your privacy. How do I find out the ink status on an Epson Stylus D92 It may be a good time to consider an alternative.

Once the printer is working again mtink linhx be used to check the ink levels and works fine. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Bugs in Canon code fixed. The following printers are now supported too: This release also compiles with gcc 4.


Code cleanup has been performed. December 16th, 1. Please take a lniux and answer the questions. USB printer discovery has been fixed and optimized. The time now is Support for the the following Canon printers has been added: I have setup a small survey regarding the use of libinklevel.

Liunx do I find out the ink status on an Epson Stylus D92 Not that particular make of Epson printer, but I have monitored the ink status of Epson printers with the package mtink which is in the repositories.

Libinklevel-Frontend is for all who are liux software based on libinklevel. The following has changed compared to 0. Think Hula hoop, positive on top, negative on bottom, roll it.

First version with Canon support.

nxtvepg(1) – Linux man page

FreeBSD support has been improved. Some more unlisted Canon printers should be supported by the new cartridge type auto detection. BJC, iP and iP A problem with other printer programs being blocked after using libinklevel has been addressed. A segmentation fault when ilnux printer did not terminate its device id with a semicolon has been fixed. Please test with all printers.


config/linux/mutex.c File Reference

Return back to support options for Epson Stylus D Change linx ink cartridge that you think is empty accessing by pressing the printer’s red button twice. Check out which printer works best here: An alternate device file location for USB printers has been added.

On RPM based systems with the rpmbuild command available you can create RPM packages libinklevel and libinklevel-devel by running:. Libinklevel-Tester is for all who are willing to test libinklevel.