I know exactly how to do this on most other Dell Latitude laptops from and up. The ControlVault firmware has been updated successfully. See the comments for some more info. Uninstalling will not remove it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Once I reboot after a successful biometric login, it goes back to the regular Windows login.

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Can the author update it to reflect Windows 10? Fingerprint login took so much longer than password login that I stopped using it, and did not install the drivers when I later reinstalled windows.

When I uncheck the ControlVault option in the DataProtection driver package, the driver is missing from device manager exclamation mark next to a Broadcom device. Going to stop Host Services. The system must be restarted to activate new firmware. Now if I could actually get fibgerprint fingers to register! When installed in the listed order they indeed work and provide fingerprint access to Windows.

Getting fingerprint reader working on Dell laptop – Jason Shuler’s Tech Blog

I will update the post accordingly, and will update if I get some time to work on it. Finally, I was about to give up or brake my laptop but found this and it worked! If you have any documents included in the Document Vault or Document Manager, remove these files. Your email address will not be published.


Thanks for the comment! Hey Scott — my fingerprit, but I no longer have the laptop in question. After a restart, my notebook plus BIOS is password protected.

At the end the fingerprint access to Windows works even though is rather slow still faster then typing password though. Notify me of new posts by email.

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There was no warning, nothing. Well now as of the dell E they have renamed everything to Dell Data Protection Access Dell data protection access.

Dell has released new firmware, software and several different drivers for the fingerprint fingerprinh, whihc I have not had time to evaluate yet. The ControlVault firmware has been updated successfully. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Dell really likes ot make it fingerprunt to get the fingerprint reader working when you install Windows from scratch. Guys, Is it possible to have ControlVault store passwords for other programs like VPN, Websites, etc and use the fingerprint to authenticate?

It works fine till I reboot the laptop.

Getting fingerprint reader working on Dell laptop

Clear any previously fingerprjnt security settings implemented such as TPM enablement, fingerprints enrolled, BIOS passwords, preboot credentials, etc. However, what I did was NOT downloading the actual version of the software from Dell but using the packages that were already downloaded on my machine.


You will need to download these three packages and install in this order:. No desktop or task tray icons will be placed onto the system by default. Found ControlVault Cingerprint Type: Thanks, was looking all over for this for my v, as the old DigitalPersona software was long abandoned.

Thank you so much!

So, thank you guys for your help!!! Finterprint called Dell, there is no master password yet, solution: Waiting for ControlVault to come up. If you did install the ControlVault driver, try using system restore to roll back This is what I did after installing the driver a second time, after reinstalling windows to recover from the first time…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.