These drivers will not work with other modems or operating. Download the latest drivers for your Diamond Modems to keep your Computer up-to-date. Diamond Multimedia Drivers; Model: After informing their tech support of my system and OS I was told to download driver 9. What’s most disturbing is the response I got from Creative Labs. He said he was able to receive and make calls. The basic idea was to allow the user to not miss any calls that would otherwise be missed.

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Vintage Diamond SupraExpress 56k External Serial Modem SUP2730

The drivers that came with the modem are 2. Are there any drivers which will support this modem? I changed the line the the INF file, cxt Was tested only to install drivers in Win 98SE. The bad news there is no supaexpress application available and BestData techs don’t know when there will be.

Used products have a non D. Tech support is still below average. Unfortunately this was a Windows 98 version and while I had reservations it would work I did as instructed.

Diamond Multimedia SupraExpress 56i PRO Free Driver Download

It seems a solid performer and is fully capable of V. I’ve tried the W2k driver and it does seem to work but without a MOH app why bother. I do not have phone line for further testing.


This one is wupraexpress personal choice!


Aopen just posted the V. The models this software is said to work with are: After informing their tech support of multimdeia system and OS I was told to download driver 9. While it was all they had that was V. Diamond Supra Fax Modem Diamond supraexpress 56e 56k external serial modem. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. What’s most disturbing is moxem response I got from Creative Labs.

Me by filing a complaint with the FTC and he with the BBB about false advertising and fraud over the lack of a modem on-hold application.

What could be easier? If you’ve got to have an ISA modem this might be worth consideration though the prices I’ve seen moddem a third again the PCI’s and close to externals with more features currently available.

Three times I moem been promised call-backs from supervisors after the technician could not answer questions regarding V. Diamond Multimedia Filter Applied. Ive just bought a Supra Express 56e PRO and i normally connect at or i try my older modem a rockwell hardware modem i get aroun i. Remember you must update both the modem and the modem enumerator. What they need to understand is it’s this daimond of sleaze that causes companies to lose the goodwill of consumers.


Technical support has been excellent and the product much lower in price than other modems in the same class. The reason may be due to a bug in Cisco’s modem code and not the fault of the Di however.

For 20 bucks you could well be getting a bargain. NetWaiting did not report “caller id in progress” as it had with an earlier version of the driver. My experiences with any ESS Tech – Cisco access server combination have never been good and this was no exception. Best Data56FW The opinions offered here are strictly my own and do not reflect the positions and opinions of the University of Washington or any of it’s departments.

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