Suddenly, when starting ProTools 8. Notify me of new comments via email. My protools LE 8 was working fine then one day it just stopped. I tried everything, reinstalling, disabling in device manager, changing cables but still no joy. At the end of it I looked over at the mbox 2 and the lights were on. I work with pro tools 8 LE for months now, mbox 3, on win 7 64bits, PC i7 3.

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Can you help me? Hi, Can you post what your device manager looks like? January 18, at I can use sonar but not cubase or protools itself. October 6, at 1: Per manuals, I have downloaded and installed latest drivers for AxiomPro, and then installed to fresh Windows 7.

Mlni 29, at I havent changed anything! December 25, at 4: I have windows xp home sp3.

Digi MBox 2 mini

Turn off thewait a bit, then turn it back on. Having taken a closer look the MIDI driver file mbx2midu. My computer is ran kbox Vista and is 64bit…. No idea why mine started doing this either.


July 19, at 3: Cigi 13, at 7: December 26, at I have uninstalled and reinstalled the appropriate drivers time and time again. I tried the trouble shooting stuff.

Unable to Locate Digidesign Hardware!!!! | How To: Pro Tools

March 1, at 5: I am gonna watch out for brussels. PC Wizard is a good free utility to find chipset info….

This is the equipment I have: I will save this comment an pull the plug on mbox and find another port to see if Pro Tools 8 will recognize it finally. Hi I have an HP desktop with Windows 7 premium. I had the same problem I fixed it but now every time I open a session without my useing my ilock only I have to go through the same process of reinstaling my drivers when im back in my studiobwith my Is there any way around this I record at my studio and mix at home and Nini hate having to reinstall every time im back in my minu.


May 10, at 5: This is what you need to do if you have a error message that shows up telling you that your hardware cannot be detected —. I guess there may be conflicts with other audio programs.

Feature transfer error is a bad installer disc — give Digi Tech Support a call to get a download, mmini a new disc. I have tried changing cables, re-installing drivers, changing USB ports….


April 21, at 1: This jini was posted on Friday, August 7th, at 5: What can I do to solve this? I tried everything on the websites re-installed several times and still does not work… very frustrating for everyone.

August 30, at 9: