Brand Manager for Fuji Xerox? Also I’d like the add that the number pad for the printer is just positioned at the worst place. I print invoices mostly which generally has about three lines of text. They did not get back to me and when i called after 1 day and talked with another support person he advised there is no note about anything. I own the M fw black version.

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Yes it was not perfect and paper jams kept me busy. It will be absolutely the last time I will listen to a sales person. I’ve bought 2 types of toner for the printer and somehow, after numerous pages of printing, it appears the printer has become “too tired” to function properly and the quality downgrades.

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I’ve had it replaced 3 times in the last year and am waiting for my 4th replacement. I have to say I am docupritn more confidant about buying a Fuji product just because of the product support. One of the biggest problems is that it jams like crazy. I set the printer density docupriint lighter and it prints really good.

I had difficulty with installation the next day and rang their support service which was in malaysia. Fuji xerox has superb support!!


First, it was exceedingly difficult to set up. This mb was most reliable all in all. The product itself is good.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint MFW A4 Mono MFP Wireless Printer

It also has direct USB to device, so you can print various file pdf, images, documents directly from your Docupeint flash drive without your computer. Even if i “air” the paper before using it, it will still keeps jamming.

Apart from this device not using the ink until it runs out, it also does not let you scan a document until you replace the ink cartridge with a new one; rendering the scanning function nugatory. I could not pull it out and papers tore and doduprint stuck on the roller and I could see it but could not reach it. Someone had spilled a cup of coffee all over the printer.

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Also I’d like the add that the number pad for the printer is just positioned at the worst place. I won’t buy any more Fuji xerox as i am still waiting for pritner to be fixed It is an economic printer, I haven’t changed the toner yet. With few moving m20, it is also extremely durable and ultra quiet in operation. I got this printer new with 2 doduprint cartridge into the deal.


Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M fw –

And I use this printer occasionally to scan and print. In return I had to put the old one in the box and rang their number, next day a courier came and took it away.

Except one thing that got to me: The first time replacing my printer was ok. And the new docurpint has been printing away since, no issues. We logged a call and after 5 days technician attended site although i mentioned it is business and we need it to be fixed ASAP. Brand Manager for Fuji Xerox?

If it wasn’t for the constant paper jam and bad doocuprint, then it would be a dream printer. The toner has a microchip that counts pages printed.

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