You have your broadband Internet service settings handy. Read the warnings and caution on this page. Position your PC and cable modem gateway so that they are located near an existing cable input connection to eliminate the need for an additional cable outlet. The log displays the following items: If you are not familiar with the advanced settings detailed in this section, contact your cable service provider before you attempt to change any of the cable modem gateway default advanced IP filtering settings.

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Scientific Atlanta EPR : – Scientific Atlantic Gateway Cable Modem User’s Guide

Connect the USB port on the cable modem gateway to your computer. Cable Modem User Guide. Install filters on your telephone.

To Restore your setting, click Browse and select the backup configuration file name that you saved on your PC. You will still need to enter your password to access the Setup pages of your gateway If you choose to enable check this feature, be sure to set up a user password to prevent unauthorized access to your gateway settings.

The carton contains the following items. Select Search for a suitable driver for my device recommended in the Found New Hardware Wizard window, and then click Next.


WebSTAR DPR2320 and DPR2325 Cable Modem Gateway User s Guide

Try These Steps First! Click Yes in the System Settings Change window to restart your computer. Uusb Key Force Available Description Saves the values you enter into the fields without closing the screen Forces the release of an IP address ub you to re-use Choose one of the following options: Pay particular attention to cords that are at plugs, at electrical outlets, and at theplaces where the cords exit the equipment.

It will help More information.

Internet access enables you to send and receiveaccess the World Wide Web, and receive other Internet services. You may need to renew the IP address on your PC. Using encryption and authentication prevents unauthorized access to your wireless devices Use this page to configure your WAP data rates and wireless fidelity WiFi thresholds Use this page to configure the WAP to restrict access to only selected wireless client devices.

Contact your cable service provider or consult the documentation for your Ethernet network devices for more information. Then, follow the subsequent installation procedures to ensure proper cable modem gateway operation when connecting Ethernet network devices.

However, the more structures 2302 the signal must pass through, the weaker the received signal. Utax Cd Driver Windows 7. These filters block a range of IP addresses from accessing the Internet.

If a wall switch controls theelectrical outlet, make sure the switch is in the ON position. Contact your cable service provider for more information on spr maximum number of USB network devices to connect to the gateway cable modem in order to maintain optimal network performance. Save the file to your desktop.


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Create your website today. Avoid damage to your equipment. Use the Setup page to access the various configuration options for the cable modem gateway. Avoid sub injury and damage to this product! Double-click the Network icon in the Control Panel window. You can use your gateway cable modem to access the Internet, and you pdr share that Internet connection withother Internet devices in your home or office.

When the wireless interface is disabled, the transmitteris turned off.

You can use a large variety of Ethernet network devices with your dr cable modem. Oracle Bi Server Driver. To install your HomePortal and configure your home network, follow these steps.

Use the WebWizard pages to customize your gateway cablemodem to your needs rather than using the default settings.