The HTC Droid Eris has a few lessons to teach the Motorola Droid, but ultimately it falls short with a lower-resolution screen and weaker multimedia abilities. View 4 Replies View Related General:: Is there a way for Verizon to know you’re tethered as apposed to just a heavy phone-only data user? If so, where can I get the wired tether? When APN is off you can still use the handset as an old school phone, for calls and texting, but not mms. Unlike the Sprint Hero, the Eris didn’t crash while I was testing it, and apps stayed up to date, even if the interface was occasionally a little sluggish.

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Like the keyboard, they provide haptic feedback and we preferred them over the Sprint Hero’s since they have a more spacious layout and are more responsive. Connect the Eris to your computer with a USB cable.

View 2 Replies View Related Android:: My Android application uses a secret key to generate a token for authentication purposes. Droid Eris User Guide. Instead of efis home screens, you now get seven, all of which you can customize with various shortcuts and widgets. I’d put this between the Motorola Droid and the excellent BlackBerry in call quality.

Resources 3 June Fabrics: When APN is off you can still use the handset as an old erris phone, for calls and texting, but not mms. View 9 Replies Similar Messages: We’ve changed, we promise. But if you look at the two phones’ prices over two years, that difference vanishes: Cant get past the setup on the set top box.


Want a Verizon Droid, but, you know, with less Droid? Jun 3, Is there any apps that I can install on my phone to control drroid pc?

tether question

Im using amazing FPS and i have to store the secret key in the java code. That means that you can zoom by pinching your fingers and by double-tapping the screen. Sep 24, What are the known dialer codes if any? Mar 3, I’m searching for some messenger with strong privacy and “secret” features. The Droid Eris has seven home screen panels, with some great widgets like a big clock, e-mail, and Twitter viewers.

HTC DROID ERIS – Full phone specifications

You’ll need to remove the battery cover to access the memory card slot. Some of our test files such as anything in by wouldn’t play decently at all, and even by files eros audio syncing problems. Dec 11, Anyone find a way to use eriw Eris as a modem for an Mac Apple laptop? Data is data right? As long as either both ethernet ports are auto-sensing or you use a cross-over cable, it should work. I’ve never used it.

Eris used as modem

Is there anyway I can use Bluetooth to connect to my ps3 to use 3g internet? It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.


Only some of those used for s series work. About the Author Maya Walker began writing professionally in Most if not all the Motorola Phones I’ve had over the years have this capability, and given the Droidx is seen by my Linux laptop as both a USB storage device and Network device is there any way to set it up as a USB modem that could accept AT commands from a terminal program and dial out to a remote modem?

Just wondering if I can do it through Bluetooth.

Instead, you rely modek two very good virtual keyboards with vibrating feedback, pop-up letter images, and decent auto-correction. Rounding out the device is 3. We love that the Droid Eris offers full multitouch support in the Web browser and photo gallery.

How does that differ from someone using it for tethering instead of streaming music, downloading apps, etc? Review the results of your search.