There is a specially designed tray for 35mm slides. With the reliable multiple ways of connecting to a computer featured on this Agfa flatbed scanner, you can link the scanner and keep your scans on a computer or another digital storage device. The Linocolor software is excellent. The DuoScan is nice too, but I don’t like odd scanning resolutions – it is ppi x ppi maximum optically; too bad it isn’t x if you wanted it to scan at x ppi it would be interpolated. Therefore 56 x Under the file menu, select “save a copy” Take your images with you at the end of your session.

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Never had a problem with newton rings, or flare, since it does use newton galss and has the proper masks for the various formats. Only reflective materials are scanned using the top glass under the hindged cover. Select the appropriate tray for your original. I am not interested in printing anything beyond 5×7 dye-sub dpi ; therefore, do I realy need the T duoscah opposed to the Duoscan?

If I decide to buy another scanner soon the Ultra II will be my choice, but after using a Tango drum scanner recently I’m spoiled by the quality. Be aware that the software is moody and Agfa’s tech support has ranged from good to absolutely horrible. Why no newton glass?


But you do have to scan one frame at a time. Share This Page Tweet. Therefore 56 x Slide the selected holder in all the way push the front edge forward and down to lock the tray into place For scanning images one at a time: I would like to batch scan Velvia slides strips, not mounted from my Windows Suoscan 4. With the impressive ability to scan transparencies, plain paper, and bulk objects books, comprehensive reports, etc.

Agfa DuoScan T Flatbed Scanner | eBay

For me the T is better because the digital doscan I have made are 8x Res will yield an image x Use “Color RGB” for color slides. Under the file menu, select “save a copy” Take your images with you at the end of your session. Try it out first for 6×4,5. The other flatbed scanners I have seen operate in similar ways.

Agfa DuoScan T2500 Flatbed Scanner

This goes for “Line-Art” too. Best Selling in Scanners See all.


Only DRY materials are to be place on the scanner. Selecting the Scan area There are 28 t25000 scan areas in the pop-up menu.

There are two approaches to batch scanning slides. A 5×7 image at ppi equals x The other option is to lay you strips on the glass carrier. Agfa has duosfan for the various formats for use in the glass carrier but these are just for single frames.

Select the area you want to appear in the final scan. You may also like. Obviosuly, the T is better, but at substantial increased cost. This scanner may be used for quantitation of relative optical densities.


A full frame on most cameras yields an image rougly 56mm x This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Linocolor software is excellent.

What is the size of the original?