Registration Using Departments PC journal Receipts stored in binary form not human readable. Identification data and parameters of ECR 4. Sales unit assignment Used only for PLU – range: Discounts applied to item.

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The modern drop-in system, notable for its simplicity and speed when replacing the paper tape, increases availability and reduces downtime when changing.

Weight Entry By Electronic Scales Obtaining information about last sold item in PC-Online mode for Euro Secondary currency exchange rate 3. PLU structures and commands. PLU flags for Euro Data depending on command.

ECR type auto-detection successful. Opened receipt sale in progress in ECR communication is not possible. For Euro is possible to select one of the following ports 0, 3, 4. Text receipt logo 4. Third Euro Currency Phase Size depend to ECR type must be exact the same resolution as graphics logo in ECR rlcom the data will be classified as invalid.


ELCOM Euro-100T Manuals

It is possible to use data from rlcom journal to post-processing sale data make hour reports, Cumulated Totals grandtotals Item are separated by ” ItemSeparator “. Important In this commands is used Range select of type E,com and Length. Between online commands must be wait time. Update sale data also when updating hand out receipt. Back light status in calculator mode used only for Euro 0 – disabled, 1 – enabled, 2 – blink.

Communication cable for Euro-100, Euro-200, Euro-2100

Print mode of the bar code 0 — 4 0 — not to print, 1 — print code with total price, eurl — print PLU with coded quantity 3 — print PLU eldom coded price 4 — print dedicated code of each PLU. To change stock in ECR insert plus or minus sign before transmitted stock value, then transmitted stock value is added deducted to stock value of particular PLU in ECR.

Phase Without Euro Currency Maximal time is not limited. GT2 3 rd line: All parts of Elcom software and products are copyright protected. Set customer number at the beginning of receipt: Byte s Meaning type PC journal size in bytes long text journal size in lines long. The second way how elckm set national version and do not use command line parameter is installing only one language pack.


Name of this file consist of given file name and actual date and time on PC. Assignment to VAT level.

Communication cable for Euro, Euro, Euro

Each line contains data about one DPT. Obtaining information about last sold item in PC-Online mode 3. Sale is not possible.

File contains setting of particular extended flags for bar-code settings. Table of Contents B. Secondary scales are not used in cash registers software versions build before