Another thing worth mentioning with the enum definition is that it can be nested within another class. Solution – Challenge Phun With Strings. They are Comparable and Serializable , and the serial form is designed to withstand arbitrary changes in the enum type. The following example is a simple program called Deal that exercises Card. Lesson 18 – Setting a Break Point and Debugging.

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This is a good place to give an example of why limiting user input is valuable. 03 now you can change the data type, in the Pet class, from string to PetType: Such methods are known as constant-specific methods. The new enum declaration defines a full-fledged class dubbed an enum type.

You will want to create a pet class, and capture the name of the pet, the age of the pet, and the type of pet. And now, when you reference the Type property, you can only set it to one of the available options:. Papa Bob’s Mega Challenge.

However, an enum — by definition — allows you to restrict your set of options only to values that are relevant. Enumerations are used all over the place in the. Lesson 49 – Working with the Dictionary Collection.


The greatest challenge with writing code is simplifying everything, and enums can be an important ehum of that simplification process. Challenge 10 – Challenge Simple Darts. Here is a sample program that takes your weight on earth in any unit and calculates and prints your weight on all of the planets in the same unit:.


Here is an example with an enum whose constants 01 the four basic arithmetic operations, and whose eval method performs the operation:. EnumSet is a high-performance Set implementation for enums. For example consider the planets of the solar system.

If the creators of the.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

Lesson 56 – Understanding Exception Handling. The private constructor of Card takes two 031, a Rank and a Suit. Why Use an Enum? Lesson 31 – Creating Overloaded Methods. Lesson 5 – Working with Projects eunm Visual Studio. The Card class, above, contains a static factory that returns a deck, but there is no way to get an individual card from its rank and suit.

The feature was specifically designed to allow for binary compatible evolution of enum types.

Solution – Challenge Phun With Strings. Lesson 60 – Creating an Entity Data Model.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

Enum types provide high-quality implementations of all the Object methods. Lesson 54 – Understanding the switch Statement. Lesson 57 – Understanding Global Exception Handling. This method is commonly used in combination with the for-each loop to iterate over the values of an enumerated type. Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations Tutorial Series: Challenge 4 – Challenge Days Between Dates. By using an enum, you would just modify your code to accept those types of pets while retaining the added benefit of not allowing something seemingly innocuous — such as wanting a Velociraptor as a pet — to end up breaking your code.


All of the members of an enum set must be of the same enum type. The Card class is immutable, and only one instance of each Card is created, so it need not override equals or hashCode:. Merely exposing the constructor would destroy the singleton property that only a single instance of each card is allowed to exist.