Searching the web for linuxwireless. If in doubt, you can look here http: Thanks also to sera for helping me with the kernel configuration. But for some cards eg. You can find documentation on these patches on the aircrack-ng website.

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This article describes the setup of a wifi wireless network device. Network devices Network management.

But for some cards eg. The pciid and subsystem id can be discovered using lspci -vnn. You’ll first need to unmask the cutter with: If you get an error message saying “WEP encryption is not enabled for your device” or similar it may be necessary to compile the following into the kernel to ensure that the gento cryptographic options are enabled.

Display posts from previous: Removing it changed nothing. I am geting the exact same error as above when trying to start net.


Index of /pub/gentoo-portage/sys-firmware/bfirmware/

I told him I enjoyed every second of it. If the booted system does not make a wifi connection, then obtain a full list of hardware identifiers from the current system. Tue Apr 29, 4: Is the new bc43 driver inserted in the kernel 2.

Lacks powersaving, LED support and other features. Please add your device here.

I really hope the developers can make a better B43 module – but so far, their progress has been good. Grntoo, first thing’s first.

Wifi – Gentoo Wiki

Sat Apr 12, For a list of supported devices and the latest information for each driver, see the relevent project documentation page:. Sun May 11, 5: Note that this article only covers the specifics required for these devices.

Fri May 02, 5: I don’t see either the B43 or the B43 legacy drivers anywhere in the menuconfig menus nor the bcm43xx. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Where am I supposed to put it?

Tue, 14 Oct The easiest way is to use wget to get the packages: To set your card into monitor modeyou also need to patch the b43 and mac module. You can obtain an ebuild from here.


Index of /pub/gentoo-portage/sys-firmware/b43-firmware/

If you compile the cryptographic options as modules, they may not be loaded automatically by the driver. Sorry but I haven’t followed the develop of the broadcom driver Your first port of call when problem arise is the output of dmesgwhich displays the kernel log. The latest version that works with this card is, aircrack-ng 1. Sat Apr 26, 8: Mon Apr 28, 6: