July 2, at 4: What strikes me is that allthough he is assigned to cover most of Gilmours parts, note for note, as the album was. If your amp has lots of headroom you might want to pair it up with a fairly moderate booster, like the Boss BD2, for a bit more character and boost. Thank you so much for your kind words, Nicholas! Having that much gain on both makes, as you point out, too much noise. It has some obvious limitations so I would go for something versatile.

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The Throbak is brighter and has more headroom.

Try placing the Muff after the Dyna with the Monkey after it: Also is there any way of knowing whether he is using the bias modded version or not. David had two of these in the rig. I must say it is nice to be able to talk with someone that knows so much about his tendencies and preferences as well as just knowledgeable about effects in general.

BK Butler Tube Driver review |

That was very nice of Robert: July 7, at American Strat with Straitcat Biz Gilmour assembly dropped in the guts. Thank you so much man! An incredible design from Italy and I feel it is one of the gilmourosh sounding Overdrives I have ever played. Kb setting the treble at 4 and the tone to 6.


His setup also featured a Tube Screamer. Im starting to dig your band, you guys are really rock!

The BD2 has more sparkle and less compression, while the TDX is slightly darker and smoother with a hint more mid range. November 29, at My equipment should be able for that…. Should I set for a more bright tone or a dark one? Also, do you have any tip about achieving a eric johnson lead tone with a big muff like the ram head? Somewhat overlapping to the Evolution but well worth checking out.

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If so, is that a good model. Have you ever tried a Full-Drive 2? Thanks for the article Bjorn.

October 13, at I really like the tone of the violet version and I will also purchase the chicago stompworks Rams head clone. I recommend a basic setup of a distortion, overdrive and delay.

There are no rules on how you should operate or use a Big Muff. I really love Davids sort of sweet overdriven tones similar to that. March 20, at As you suggested I will certainly move the fuzz first on the chain.


Overdrive and distortion |

My question is if I were to use an eq pedal to tame the beast should I run giilmourish before or after the muff or keep it in my fx loop? Like those old tape machines, the Deco also offer amazing sounding flanger, chorus and delay. Did you already tried the Mooer Blues Mood? You can use Muffs and Tube Drivers on smaller amps and lower volume — I do that at home with decent results — but it might not be the best results and easiest way to get a great tone.

Overdrive and distortion

I changed the bridge humbucker to a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. The ElecLady is possibly the best Electric Mistress model on the market today, regardless price.

Is it mostly Overdrive, Distortion or anything else? I got a Suhr Riot Reloaded a couple of weeks back, and it, too, had that nasty quality to it, reminding me of a Metal Zone or when you use a distortion pedal through a cheap transistor amp.