Ubuntu packages will likely be available in 9. Any and all device events are sent to the configuration scripts, and from there the user can decide what should be done with those events. Operation is the same except the LED stays off. Some of Gizmo Daemon’s capabilities include: Special thanks to Sowerbutts for the original Griffin PowerMate kernel driver, and userland utils.

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Install evrouter from here Create an event mapping file for evrouter with the contents: Configure permissions on the event devices. You can find it here: Give per application key mappings, very handy for remote users! I love it now.

powermate: bindings for Griffin PowerMate USB

Gizmo Daemon supports nearly any input device in a generic way, however it has special support for certain types of remotes, and other gizmos such as the Griffin PowerMate USB dial. I needed something more definitive, there is none available. For a very long time I had been struggling to get powermate working in Ubuntu, my favourite OS. Hopefully you folks can get it working it too.


TheWickerman 88 1 1 For example, if it detects more than one it will visualize the left audio channel on one, and the right on another. Works like a charm! On restart you should be able to log in, launch gizmod, and have it detect your devices.

Griffin Powermate Driver for Linux

I’m confused about what steps to take now. If so, you may read from them directly by writing a short C program that dumps their output. The best userspace support I have found for the Powermate is the Gizmo Daemon.

View package details Overview of published packages Published in: Also, at any time if the user changes the system volume the visualization devices will briefly indicate the system volume level. It was frustrating and finally I got it going and I do want to share with you all how I did.

The blue light changes to reflect the current volume. For example, gizmod knows which applications are running, so if you press the power button on your gricfin, and for example MythTV isn’t running, it will know to launch the MythTV frontend.

Anything you can think of is probably possible!

Griffin PowerMate Linux Driver

Much simpler than other solutions. The philosophy powdrmate simple: You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa: Gizmod will even make use of multiple PowerMate’s.


Out of the box, Gizmod will control Amarok if it detects it running so you can change songs, play, pause, etc with the remoteas well ,inux MythTV, MPlayer, and others. Sign up using Email and Password.

You can find an DEB-File on this forum: But I grkffin use multiple controllers. Gizmod allows system events to be visualized on capable devices such as the LEDs on most keyboards, and the Griffin PowerMate.

Using the Griffin PowerMate with Linux

If you’ve read through the docs and still need help feel free to try the forums! David 31 1 2. Some of Gizmo Daemon’s capabilities include: Install the Gizmo friffin daemon.

Head on over to the wiki.