And even just a simple 3 man platoon can greatly increase your performance in random battles keeping you safe from flanking attempts, covering your own advance, etc. Edited by cnumartyr, Oct 06 – Not much could have been done. Unfettered by traditional TD limitations such as traverse, health pool, or view range, the WT E is most self-sufficient than almost any other tier X TD in the game. E chassis undergoing allied evaluation. Your IS7 can track and basicly circle one where he just bounces off your turret when you get behind him.

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My friend and I platoon jge and e, and working together you can draw some pretty good results.

Grayghost 4 Posted 22 April – If you have a decent team then E’s are just another Tier X. Apocalypso 5 19 Posted 26 May – The e010 10 that the worst players love.

S100 can promise you once you get it it’s weaknesses will be more glaring. If you aren’t a baddie, you can out maneuvered them. It took me close to battles to learn how to angle it correctly.

RMxR, on Oct 06 – Third, artillery will have a feast with you if you are foolish enough to stay still on an open field.


No need for name calling. The bottom side of the unit houses a standard mini USB port for syncing and charging as well as two 3. The goal is to get them to try and shoot the flat front of the turret but have the shell hit after you’ve angled your turret again. The Jagdpanzer E suffers a quite a bit on random matches, where you may find teams that will leave you on your own, or insist on advancing when you aren’t even near a good position for shooting.

Goo Poni 14 Posted 26 May – I’ve played this thing like 6 games and i haven’t won once.

The tier 10 that the worst players love.

Search Advanced Search section: My perspective on E’s comes from Tier 8 tanks I play. It also means you can trade quite favorably with most tanks you will face, as they do less damage per shot. Are you kidding me?

These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Instead, you have to access the external memory separately.

Also, we found that mids were missing the warmth and richness you get from a device capable of producing top-quality audio. AndrewSledge 15 Posted Oct 06 – Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, MacDaddyMatty 13 Posted Oct 06 – The main issue is the control pad–it’s just bad. The player comes in a variety of colors–black, brown, white, pink, and sky blue–but none of them quite pop.


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Wargaming at it’s finest. An entirely fictional tank created out of various components from the German parts bin cobbled together and filed to fit, the WT E is an anachronism unmatched by any other horriboe in World of Tanks. I got a damage LOL for like three minutes.

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of angling the tank yet, you really should in the E I am pretty good at sidescraping, but it is better to look for videos than explain it here. NullestFuke 37 Posted 17 April – Additional Statistics Top Configuration. Mobility is a big problem for the JagdPz E