I have Compiz running on Ubuntu Thank you all in advance! Steps I did since last thread message: On restart, now I’m getting an exception from VBox when the Mint image loads: I was just lost in my search for an answer.

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I installed Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu so I was running gnome. I have Ubuntu You can check the drivers version by checking the properties of drivers. When you install a Virtual Machine being that one a Linux one or a Windows oneVirtualBox will simulate a completely standard hardware drivers. I just checked one of the faulty VMs, and it worked again.

If anyone know or think that there still can be an option how to get the RIGHT Video card to work using VirtualBox and Ubuntu, please reply her,e it’ll be highly appreciate it!!! Then I reformatted and wiped that partition to try out Linux Mint I then installed KDE desktop. Return to VirtualBox on Windows Hosts. However, for virtualbox you can install virtualbox additions and enable VM to use 3D acceleration and rechek. Downvote removed, shpong, install Ubuntu to an USB drive and use it for tests: If you already have the latest or at least the one with your VB versionit’s worth a shot.


VirtualBox must use its own video drivers to operate properly.

FBO status 0x8cdd isn’t complete Even the operations I know would brick the distro with a black screen are not working. I think I installed compiz under KDE but would not bet my life on it.

Thanks a lot guys Thanks to all who have advised on this.

Is graphic driver installed ?

Now I am on a stable Ubuntu On restart, now I’m getting an exception from VBox when the Mint image loads: I’m not familiar with the uninstall process for Guest Additions either.

Also keep an eye on the release notes of new versions. Still got the exception when vritualbox was re-enabled.

Windows 7 has no problems with running AERO so that added to my confusion. JavierRivera Thanks for pointing out my error.

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Media SDK doesn’t install graphics driver as such. If you see Intel drivers here, you have the installation. Last edited by socratis on Thu Jan 05, 8: Check this before asking questions. Board index All times are UTC.


I am able to have VirtualBox issue a Shutdown and Ubuntu comes down normally. Sign up using Email and Password. Mint’s driver manager shows the graphics drivers as: Log in to post comments.

You can see these by lsmod:.