During the mounthing session I noticed that the CPU Socket’s plastic lever is really too fragile and can break if you force too much on it. System Memory Map Agp Universal Connector j6c1 Diagnostic Leds optional Port 80h Post Codes

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Bios Setup Program Installing An Agp Card Connecting The Ide Cable Fan Control And Monitoring Recovering The Bios Bus Initialization Checkpoints Diagnostic Led Codes Extended Configuration Submenu Also in the motherboard package are provided for free, Norton Internet Security v2.

Supervisor And User Password Functions Hardware Monitor Component Bios Setup Program Menu Bar Removable Devices Submenu Setting The Bios Configuration Jumper Front Panel Audio Connector j6b2 optional ibtel Installing A Processor Intel Pentium III 1.

Add-in Card Connectors Recovering Bios Data Chassis Intrusion Connector j9h3 optional Bios Setup Configuration Jumper Settings j9g2 Port 80h Post Codes Upper Nibble High Byte Functions Bios Setup Program Modes Bios Security Features Peripheral Configuration Submenu Power Supply Considerations Instantly Available Technology Removing The Fan Heatsink Hard Disk Drives Submenu Intwl Up Devices And Events Operating System Support Event 815rea2 Configuration Submenu Power Connector j4h1 Use Only For Intended Applications Chassis Intrusion Detect Connector optional Place Battery Marking