The Stream Class interface is a set of function calls between the class driver and the minidriver. On output, this parameter receives a pointer to the device object to which the SourceDevice was attached. File System Filter Driver Tutorial. The FDO signals the event whenever a stream is read and this goes on asynchronously which internally increases the performance of the driver. Run the user application, Testor. However, in the sample code I have created it.

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The FDO is responsible for initializing the stream header structures to store the incoming streams. Current oiattachdevicetodevicestack pass data either in or out of the kernel mode, resulting in many transitions between the user-mode and the kernel mode This kind of transition involves the data to pass through several validation layers, making streaming data inefficient.

Winprogger | IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack gotcha

The IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack routine attaches the caller’s device object to the highest device object in the chain and returns a pointer to the previously highest device object. One of the techniques used for this purpose is the “Weighted average” method.

Completion routine is called when lower driver completes the request. Our filter driver sits on the top of the class driver and it should trap all the incoming IOCTLs from the class driver. The quality management functions are shared between the non-kernel mode clients and the kernel mode drivers.

IoSkipCurrentIrpStackLocation makes the lower driver to use the same stack location that filter driver received. Sticking to this fact in mind, we need to specify passthrough functionality for all the operations and then override it with the one which we are interested in. The IRP-based medium is what would typically be used.


IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack function

Flags is also a ULONG, which tells whether the property information has to be set or has to be retrieved. Id is a ULONG, whose value varies depending on the type of property set supported as provided by the first variable. In this section, we would be discussing the basics of WDMits architecture, driver layering and the steps involved in implementing the WDM driver and filter driver. And put the “final” pixel value back in the image. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

There can be any number of sections in an INF file,but there a limited number of types of sections.

IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack function – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

In general, a filter has to support all the same IRP types that the driver immediately underneath it supports. DirectShow will continue to build filter graphs, negotiate media types, and provide control infrastructure. If the device ioattachdevicetodevicesyack specified by TargetDevice is currently at the top of the driver stack, the SourceDevice is attached directly to the TargetDevice.

The FDO belongs to the function driver. The next statement IoCallDriver illustrates the standard way of passing a request down to the next layer in a driver stack.

But, whenever a new WDM Streaming data transport is negotiated between two filters, the media streams will pass between the associated device drivers in the kernel, without any non-kernel mode involvement. The filter driver can be enhanced to meet the requirements of complex filtering algorithms as well.


In simple terms, the filter driver should support all the Irps that the target device supports.

The interface is the group of methods and properties to use, implemented on the specified medium. Looking at the performance of the filter driver would clear doubts, pertaining to the system performance, speed and the CPU usage.

Add this result to the total. WDM Streaming also provides a non-kernel filter that acts as a generic proxy on behalf of the kernel mode drivers, to provide a transparent integration between DirectShow and WDM Streaming. This proxy is another DirectShow filter, which allows video or audio filters to perform operations such as starting, stopping, pausing, speeding up, slowing down, amplifying, or attenuating a data stream.

The PDO belongs to the bus driver. An Interface defines what can actually be communicated. I would prefer to use alternative 3. SFDModifyDataBuffer is a helper function, which modifies the data buffer, and also implements noise filtering algorithm.

Download source code – 4. The function has the following prototype: These three statements set the function pointers for entry points elsewhere in the driver. Property sets are a way to access a group of related data on an object, and each property request can be fulfilled either synchronously or asynchronously.