It’s not that great for drums, but it’s really great for everything else. The playing feel is heavier than a synth but not too heavy, which means you can reach the highest velocity level without having to hammer on the keys. As for the configuration and setup, its plug and play with my macbook. M Audio fell short with this board with trying to make it have a real piano feel to it. No Longer Available Update Location close.

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M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 specs.

The Keystation Pro 88 also doubles very nicely as a full-featured MIDI remote mixing surface, equally viable for use with a software sequencer’s virtual “console”, lro mangling the parameters of a softsynth, with a set of faders that can also be used as drawbar controls of the many software “Hammonds” currently available.

It is usb bus powered which is very helpful.

User reviews: M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 – Audiofanzine

But it has pretty much everything else you could want. What I don’t like about it is I have noticed some poor craftsmanship. The uses of this MIDI controller are far and wide and you can get exact as you’d like when using this. M-Audio continues life on the cutting edge with the introduction of the Keystation Pro 88a USB-powered MIDI master controller keyboard with 88 velocity sensitive keys, a piano-like keyboard design called Hammer Action, and a collection of knobs, levers and buttons sufficient in quantity to populate the control panel of, say, the spaceship Challenger.


M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Controller Keyboard B&H

I also use other hardware. The only cons are: The manual that came with it was pretty sad actually, Not to mention the software that came with my version was corrupt and i never did get to try it. Keystation Pro 88 Controller Keyboard is rated 5.

It has weighted keys, which makes it feel more like a real piano, and while it has a m-sudio of parameters, I usually don’t m-auxio up using too many of them as I like to control my virtual instruments within the box.

All in all though, these things make little difference to me, the unit works great and well As for channel and patch selection, that is also something you have to assign with a program, at least thats how I did it I use mainstage, and if you are a mac user, so should you because it rocks!!!

When I first saw this I thought it would be much more expensive than it is, keyshation it is quite reasonably priced. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The biggest problem I have encountered is the velocity sensitivity is a little substandard.

Also, the some of the keys do that sticky thing as well as some make squeaky noises. M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 overview. If you’re looking for keystatioj real piano feel, buy another instrument. It’s excellent for a keyboard player like me because it allows me to have a more expressive playing than with a classic synth, while at the same time it’s easy to play and not tiring at all.


Write a user review. Now I don’t mean keystatiob like there is gunk in them, I mean there is a little extra resistance when you first hit the key.

The smallest voltage variation for example when my wife uses the microwave or the blender causes it to crash and I have to reboot m-aydio system. Write a review fqxxdtabrrer. Works well with Digital Performat 4.

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As for the configuration and setup, its plug and play with my macbook. It has MIDI in and outputs and also has two outputs for sustain.

I have experimented with different built-in velocity curves but the problem persists. You can control anything you’d like when it comes to using this with a computer. But I bought a demo device and I’m expecting to get a new one.

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Midi Controller

Mholla January 0- I made a pun. I use this keyboard for the studio as well as performance and it suits all my needs. Assigning knobs and buttons is generally a thing you do with whatever programs you are using. Log in Become a member. It’s really easy to make your keystaion templates too.