This didn’t really affect the now established racist music set-up. So, Ian Stuart, while backed into a corner, decided his only option was the best one; simply to tell the truth about his beliefs. A far cry from what most people assumed to be their genre, minus the political content, and with the relevant marketing, it would have no doubt achieved high ratings in the album charts. Archived from the original on 2 April Donaldson died on 24 September following a car crash.

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Madness frontman Suggs tells life story at 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

There were regular gig, they had recorded two singles and an album, appeared on television and produced a specially recorded session for John Peel’s Radio One show. Ian Stuart was growing tired of the hassle skrewdrivsr faced everyday in London.

When they made records for us Ian Stuart showed no signs of fascism. England is for white people, man.

Fucking Saudis taking over London. Ian Stuart was arrested and served with an injunction not to play; the venue was sealed off by police who also confiscated the equipment. The Skinheads loved it. Listen to me, man!


It was a vast improvement on recent releases and featured certain ironies madnes as the song ‘Time to Die’.

Well wherever you all are, I think you should all just leave. It is expected that as many as 5, neo-Nazi sympathisers could make the trip this weekend for the secret 20th anniversary event in Upper Mavness. They tried to smash my elbows and knees. However, Stuart was no quitter. However, John “Grinny” Grinton later stated in an interview that he had no problem with the new Skrewdriver, and that he became a member of the National Front along with Donaldson.


A lot of people try to claim the song is about class, meaning one law for the rich and another for the poor. With a record contract signed and the new line-up in place, Skrewdriver entered the studio and laid down 14 tracks that would become the ‘Hail the New Dawn’ Skrewdirver. With the backing of East London Skinhead shop ‘The Last Resort’ the band had recorded two tracks skdewdriver the ‘United Skins’ compilation album and another two for their first single release in three years titled appropriately ‘Back with a Bang’.

The Front tried their best to salvage the situation but found themselves on a hiding to nothing. And the change paid dividends with the group producing what has been acclaimed as their greatest Nationalist andd.

Skrewdriver – Wikipedia

Oh well, too late. Immigrant hostels were attacked, the situation was spiralling out of control. It was then that rivalries began to surface. Hell, inEric Clapton blatantly made the following speech:.

Totally unaware of the situation Madjess Stuart was woken up at gunpoint and taken to the local police station. Although the original band had a minor reputation for attracting violence at their concerts Boomtown Rats frontman Bob Geldof was reportedly knocked unconscious by a friend of Donaldson who believed that Skrewdriver’s sound had been sabotaged[7] they did not openly support any political ideology or organisation.


Skrewdriver Rockumentary

News of the band appeared in all its publications and the NF resurrected its musical wing under the banner of ‘Rock against Communism’ to organise gigs. Skrewdriver Rockumentary – Get the foreigners out. This led to far-right publication Target reporting them to the police. Last year saw hundreds of skinheads gather at a field near Northampton.

Sceptre; new edition 20 May On return to the UK Ian Stuart was bombarded by a press onslaught blaming the group for causing trouble. For the next three years Ian Stuart toyed with the idea of once again re-forming Skrewdriver.

Five years later the British press though they’d embarrass Suggs by producing a front page story linking him with Ian Stuart, who by his time had become a major figure in the right-wing movement.

Maybe it was the anthemic chorus; who knows?

Retrieved 23 July That is a lie.