You can push the stick to right and left, as well as forward and backward. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. This mouse has four buttons and a roller. ScrollPoint has a “stick” in between the two buttons. The wheel movement is recognized as the Z axis motion.

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The intwllimouse movement is recognized as the Z axis motion. If you want to make the wheel behave like before, you can use the “ZAxisMapping” option as described above. This mouse has four buttons and a roller.

IMHO, the fourth button of GlidePoint should always be mapped to the first button in order to make this pad behave like the other pad products. At the time, it also had a very good low DPI optical sensor with very low error rates and good smoothing — all key elements for a great gaming mouse. The wheels movement is recognized as the Z axis motion.

We were really careful to keep the same Omron switches for the left and right click, and have added three Kailh switches for the middle wheel button and side buttons.

Software Downloads: IntelliMouse Optical

They now feel snappy and crisp and have just the right force and click to them. NetMouse Pro is identical to NetMouse except that it has the third button on the left hand side.


This mouse appears to be OEM from Genius.

The roller also acts as the third button. This “stick” is the same as the stick-shaped pointing device often found on notebook computers, on which you move the mouse cursor by pushing the stick.

We saw it miceosoft a game changer in terms of ergonomics, tactility and mouse precision. Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3. Their mice may have 2, 3, or 4 buttons.

These mice have a “magic button” which is used like a wheel or a roller.

We also made a huge improvement to the two side buttons. In we continued to innovate and refine the IntelliMouse by introducing the first mass market optical tracking sensor and the iconic tail microsooft. To use these mice as a serial device: The serial version of this pad device has been supported since XFree86 3.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Serial or Ps/2 Compatible PN 68874

The build quality is really excellent. Inspired intsllimouse the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3. To use this mouse as a jicrosoft device: The shape was originally sculptured by hand by some of the most experienced mouse designers in the world, which has proven to last the test of time.

They have MS IntelliMouse compatible mode when used as a serial mouse. A4 Tech produces quit a number of mice with one or two wheels.


Microsoft IntelliMouse Basic PC Mouse Serial Ps2 RARE Windows 95 NT | eBay

ScrollPoint has a “stick” in between the two buttons. From the outside, they might look like minor changes, but they really make a difference to the way you use the mouse.

Although its shape is quite different, it works like Genius NetMouse Pro. This mouse has a “knob” which is used like a wheel or a roller.

What many people may not intellimmouse, is the majority of gaming mice in the world are still patterned off the IntelliMouse 3.

Install mouse and IntelliPoint software

The “magic button” action is recognized as the Z axis motion. We felt we should honour this design in the new Classic IntelliMouse and focus on performance updates.

Option “Protocol” “Auto” or: It also used long life Omron switches, and coupled with a low force to fire and low key idle, the buttons were easy to press, and activated with minimal slack before engaging the switch.