Not only did I hear this tiny detail for the first time, but it was obvious that it was just outside of the recording venue! It’s also high on our list for a Product of the Year. Output-wise, there is but one set of single-ended RCA jacks; balanced outs are not an option at this point. I thought the Alchemy produced the bass in that recording quite well… It did, but the EE made those bass strings snap and explode! The NFB-2 is darker, more mysterious, more austere.

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At the time, funds were not available to purchase them and to this day I wish I had sold a kidney or something to keep them. Both the Lavry and the Metric Halo were wonderfully neutral without ever becoming irritating or boring. Deep articulate bass with silky extended highs.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac with V6 Classic Opamp

I have had a large collection of their compact discs for many years, but have only very recently begun acquiring used vinyl on the label. You don’t mimimax have to open the case to change tubes, just pluck it right out the back. Needless to say, very highly recommended….

I played CD after CD, amazed at how great the music was portrayed. Here, the tubed output stage employs a single 12au7 vacuum tube for gain. After talking for a few minutes, it was if I’d known the guy for years.

Many early digital recordings while considered being State Of The Art back then upon their release were in fact just in their infancy of superior playback in the digital realm. As the tongue presses against the palate, both lips touch each other, and we hear the air it takes to form those sounds, but only with well recorded music and great equipment to reproduce it.


Yes, technology will march onward, and digital reproduction will continue to get dc, but why worry?

When I come across something that is extraordinary, I like to get other opinions to make sure I’m not engaging in over exuberance. To max out sonics for minimal wallet ache, cosmetics were simplified without affecting construction quality. Well-recorded discs jumped up and slapped me in the face, kicked my butt!

Upon opening the box, I found inside a manual, power cord, DAC, and a couple of replacement fuses just in case. Minima among these is a switch that gives the user the option to choose on the fly, I might add between an op-amp analog output and a true vacuum tube analog output.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod – Burson Audio

I also noticed some small differences in soundstaging. Notes had a nice sense of attack on the leading edge and plenty of decay on the trailing end.

Remarkably, the little box sounded pretty darn good the moment I turned it on; not only before kinimax in, but before the thing had even warmed up! I have played a wide variety of music, different sources, different bit rates….

Imagine a solo saxophone playing in the center of the soundstage. Sound cues that normally fall within the space between my speakers suddenly jumped outside the boundaries of my normal horizontal listening plane. Apparently, this newcomer to the already crowded digital scene was creating quite a stir on some of munimax on-line chat sites, thereby bringing it to his attention.

Bel Canto DAC 1. Of course, ambience is not the only thing the Mini does extraordinarily well. What miinimax up with Hong Kong designer Alex Yeung were specific requests minimaax a bit Sabre chip; USB; analog-domain volume for amp-direct drive; a valve buffer; and a happy-happy sticker. Linda and I ended up listening to it for four hours that night; that never happens. Those that prefer a more romantic interpretation and NOS tragics should consider: Not only does that insure absolute fairness to the manufacturer, it also takes any potential for politics or favoritism out of the process.


Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC (ESS) |

The first example shows what the recorded ‘verb should sound like while the other examples show what typically happens when sent through a DAC, CD player or other digital source. He told me had already received one but wanted another opinion.

Most of my comments pertain to the AES input, as it is reported to provide the best sound, though all worked and sounded just fine. What surprised me most was the similarity between the two. Nonetheless, I could hear some things going on that gave me a healthy glimpse of the goodness to come.

After living with it for almost a month, I think it satisfies my criterion that I would truly miss it if it left my system. For example, big drum hits; we not only hear the initial attack and the resounding enclosure of the drum, but you hear it trail off like a real drum would and not get chopped off as per usual.