Notify me of new comments via email. Most folks seem to sell them after some time. I am very impressed with this mod. I also upgrade some of the older caps. You can see Jean-Francois Cyr on Youtube at http:

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I have created a mod that includes a pot that will allow you to match the bypass volume with the effects volume simply by adjusting the Pot. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.

With allujs gain dialed up in front of either a clean or already overdriven amp you get harmonically rich tones that will explode mone the neck of the guitar.

SD1 Gain Maxxed Sample 1. The stock value is. Plus it changes components not in the signal path which turned me off. Then I roll the volume up and its as mpd and dirty as ever.

BD2: the Blues driver H20 Mod | LesPaul Player/Doc

Thank you Michael for this soundbite. It’s a completely different pedal after the tri-gain mod. This mod reminds me moe an OCD on Steroids.


I have also included a RCP chip. In the end though, there was still a pretty good improvement in the pedal with changing the diodes, caps and transistors but not the IC. All the fake shrill gain has been replaced with a very smooth dynamic harmonically rich distortion.

Stock the SD-1 delivers warm fat tones. I use it all the time. Some pedals such as the Dyna Comp and the Big Muff will benefit greatly from varying their voltage.

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It was recorded in Will’s home studio. Email Subscription If you want to know when I post and be one of the first to readclick here to get on the blog-list email!

I just saw differing views on this one. Tri99er has this mod, and also concurs it is well worth. I also used our new DS-1 Rectifier Mod on this mp3. This pedal is a sleeper and a steal.

Monte Allums BD H20 Mod

This is one awesome tone-shaping tool after this mod! I just posted about this pedal on another board.

When time permits I will eventually create mods for a few of them. The mod makes an already good pedal even better. The tone cap C is a big deal with all BD-2 mods. By changing out a few components here and there this pedal will compete with boutique pedals costing much much more. The stacked NEs is the only mod offered by anyone that finally solves the nasty splaty gain decay issue that plagues a stock BD There monye very little noise, except at high gain mox, and when the tone is all the way in the treble.


Anyone else do the Blues Driver “H2O” mod?! (monte allums content)

Well, I have been listening to your requests and have given them to you in this mod. With the Ultra Plus Mod I have accomplished this by smoothing out the attack and giving it a more natural feel.

The reason is I don’t feel the Tri-Gain switch alone would be a good upgrade for them. It sounds great but it is extremly bass heavy. Anyone else do the Blues Driver “H2O” mod?!