Attachment is description of product and explain why hybrid technology that we invented and have Chinese patent on. December 16, 0. This is a common theme for IEM boards on other audio communities. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Do I have a clear understanding of audiophool terms? AAW loaned me these universal demos in return for my honest opinion. I would like to put it on the table that yes, I am aware of Aurisonics and their rather fickle history with the ASG series.

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One of the most important reason to adopt a hybrid design is that dynamic driver for bass reproduction brings better timbre.

This our first step into acrylic monitors and we brought our A-game to make this very Verdict 1 2 3 4. The monitors come stored in a zippered carrying case; lined all around with a cloth-like material and accented on top with a metallic AAW badge.

We will give you IEM for loaner, but with only one exception xudio you can keep for free.

A3H | ASUS Global

Yes, I know that they have rectified the mid-bass issue with their 2. GriffonSep 24, HitmanFluffySep 25, Apologies that I don’t have time to recreate another full review here, but please feel free to jump over to my blog if you want to know all the ‘in’s and out’s”.


Sep 28, Likes Received: This has its obvious advantages in rock and electronic that are the A3H’s natural weaknesses. Super Best Audio Friends. Please consider the following points are usually helpful in a review in this sub forum and SBAF in general: I have ordered one myself, just wondering what to get for a3h tralucent dacamp one or ibasso D The A3H on the other hand is dead smooth all the way to its peak at 7K, which can give the illusion of darkness to some.

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Advanced AcousticWerkes A3H Pro V2 custom | Super Best Audio Friends

This and the above one are a common psychology to drive the hype train. Build auddio is very good as well with attractive aesthetics, a beautiful cable, and excellent comfort, even for people like me with small ear canals. How does it respond to the output impedance variations?

Full blast is a completely different story, though. This is a common theme for IEM boards on other audio communities. Where the A3H excels in dynamics and sub-bass, the ASG is a mid-bass and impact monster, even with the bass ports fully closed.

You can use in your review to make it better. The soundstage and image from the A3H can be highly coherent and detailed with the right sources and the overall experience is one that you can get lost in for hours of engaging and enjoyable listening.


Advanced Acoustic Werkes (AAW) A3H 3-way Hybrid IEM

What did you use to drive the AAW? Does the performance of the A3H promise a strong halt to upgrade desires?

Micro-dynamics performance aka planktons? Do I have a clear understanding of audiophool terms? However, where the ASG fell short for me was in enjoyment; it took me months to like it.

If yes, more details? Into the treble, both companies have gone into different tuning directions on their TWFKs.

AAW’s New Beginnings: A Comprehensive Overview of the A3H (2018) and A1D (2018)

December 24, 0. You must log in or sign up to reply here. With both of them at the aurio cost and at the same performance level, the questions end at whether or not you’d rather have your money go toward the custom building process or toward a universal modular system. Different strokes for different folks. MuppetFaceSep 25,