I don’t personally think the difference is HUGE, but if you are really into your tone then it’s more than enough to matter. I have found a decent replacement switch, as older reissue switches are not holding up well. This mode can get about 4 times louder than a tube screamer if desired. The silver mod is explained in detail on the Silver Mod page. Pat Travers has one for studio use, he does not use dirt boxes for live playing though.

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I’ve tried infinite combinations using every imaginable pedal and nothing compares to it. See the TS9DX page for more info on this pedal.

The price is excellent too. When you plug into the Stereo jack, the mono jack just gets wet and the stereo jack gets dry. It’s a soft-touch switch so you can easily press it without pushing down on the RC-2’s normal switch.

This pedal cleans up anaalogman lot better than a Tube Screamer type pedal, if you play softly or turn your guitar down they will not have the underlying fuzziness that most pedals have.

It’s really awesome, what a smooth distortion sound! These items will usually ship the business day after your order. Or you analoggman email one of the guys who can help you out best. COM Use our new shopping cart website buyanalogman.

Before the mod, the pedal has a slight honkiness and the highs are a bit dull.

It’s still a DS What it does it pretty interesting. He ran it after anapogman bicomp and KoT. A few months later, Guitar World magazine did an equipment diagram for Warren and his King of Tone pedal was featured.


In a blind listening test with my friend who owns thewe listened to how both units sounded.

User reviews: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Analogman – Audiofanzine

This is cool for heavier modern sounds but sometimes too thin in the mids for classic distortion sounds, especially through a Fender type amp which has weak mids.

It sounds a lot more organic and has a bit more depth to it overall. George Lynch has been using one of our TS9 mods and another “famous” mod, but he sent us the other one to be re-modded as it “made bluds squint when he turned it on”.

The TS reissue is easier as we can use the stock switch hole. The input and output jacks on these pedals stick out and look bad, so we add some hardware on the inside of the jacks to make them look better and more like the originals.

I just want to congratulate you jodded doing a great job on my TS-9!

Boss Effects Pedals and Modifications

The DS-1 can get a lot more distortion than a tube screamer type pedal like the Yellow Boss SD-1 and make a Fender amp sound like a Marshall after our mods- bluse full, deep, and rich. Page Hamilton of Helmet really like his TS9 silver mod that he got in Check out “A Glorious Lethal Euphoria” — one of my favorite guitar records.


Often we are able to get pedals out the same day we get them, depends on our shipping schedule. I’m kind of surprised that yours sounds SO much better, since mine does have the correct chip in it. Vex New Analog Man shopping cart website We have a new website with almost everything on it! I do not normally use a socket on the Anlaogman as there is not really enough room. It is not a normal TONE circuit, even all the way down it is still quite bright.

Doug played with his fingers and the bar to get some extra gain and grit. Sorry we are too busy to sell just parts. It has performed bues.

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Some of anallgman larger “usa made” brands including some of the newer “boutique” builders anapogman have their boards made and stuffed in the far east. I am looking forward to seeing what happens, and if they get along and multiply. I just did guitar tracks for the next Son Volt record and the King of Tone is all over it. For these new mods, we would change a few components to try to improve the tone, then email each other what we changed.