Used to adjust the white plate scan start position for shading. Insert the mounting plate under the desk frame. When HDD is installed. Maintenance parts list A. Only in the model with a disk installed All areas check Used to check the operations of the hard disk. Multi purpose drawer AR-MU2 2. Fusing Unit Pressure Adjusting Levers

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Auto Receive Reduce Setting List of combination of peripheral devices. Used to clear the number of use of the finisher, SPF, and the scan reading unit. Accessing Web Pages The clock rate of the first generation of computers was measured in hertz or kilohertz kHzbut in the 21st century the speed of modern CPUs is commonly advertised in GigaHertz GHz.

Operation panel section 3 4 2 1 A. When the thermostat is opened, power supply AC line to the heater lamp is cut off.

Sharp Printer AR-MU AR-MU AR-MN AR-MN User Guide |

A document is set on this glass. Option lineup For combinations of options, refer to “C.


Harness cover 2 Wire saddle Wire saddle 2 2 6 Attach the paper guides to the lower tray large capacity tray and set the size. G Xy Zoom Production m351h identification C. An optional print density can be set for each density level display value. Mixes toner and carrier, and attaches toner to electrostatic latent images to form visible images.

Small Office; A of pages per month: The adjustment value is set.

NO 1 21 Setting Used to set the maintenance mm351u. When installing the PWB unit and the memory module, use an earth band to prevent against breakage by static electricity. Internet Fax Reception When the copy image density is adjusted with this simulation, the copy image densities of all the copy modes are changed to the copy image density level set with this simulation.

Sharp AR-MU Manuals

The list of the ON time of the sensors and the detectors of the paper transport section is printed. Saw teeth charger is cleaned. Only when FAX is installed Used to print the confidential pass code. Usb Port Emulation Switching Print test For one scale one grooveshift by 0.


The rubber plate prevents against duplicated feed of documents. The m3551u mode is kept until the power is turned off or setting is made again.

Sharp AR-M351U – Printers and MFPs specifications.

Scanner interface PWB 3 Remove the scan motor. This adjustment must be performed after installing the machine and its peripheral devices. G Book Copy Image density m3511u 1 Copy mode The image density adjustment is required for the following copy quality mode by using the simulation. G Misfeed In The Finisher G M351uu Jobs Setting Used to set the specifications for operations in case of communication trouble between the host computer and MODEM machine side.

Font Function — c. Used to adjust sharpness of the FAX mode. The counters are cleared after completion of maintenance.