Browse Related Browse Related. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. The manufacturer does not necessarily endorse use of these products First up “High Performance”. But this solution is far from perfect. I was never able to acquire satellites from indoors by a window, but going up on the roof of a story building did eventually yield success in acquiring 5 satellites and a very precise location.

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McCaslin One of the few differences between the R2E and its predecessors is the hardware platform used. But this solution is far from perfect. It is an extendable stylus but a very good one.

Like on other laptops, connectivity features such as WiFi and Bluetooth are present. Touch navigation is a problem however. I was only able to test the R2E for two weeks but in those two weeks I did run into a few issues.

Satellite GPS provides a comprehensive travel guide touchscrsen the users no longer need to deal with paper maps or ask for directions! Although it is supposed auss be as portable as possible, the R2E is pretty thick but it weighs way less than most laptops at just 0. I had no problems taking notes for extended periods of time.

The R2H screen is 7″ diagonally and has a x native resolution. The front surface of the R2 never seemed to get really hot, but the back area and vents did get very warm.


The manufacturer does not necessarily endorse use of these p Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Most UMPCs are equipped with a soft touch screen that requires only a light caress of the screen to register a touch.

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Hello, Can anyone help me understand why my r2h touch screen often does not work upon startup? I also had two issues with the WiFi. Product specifications may differ from country to country.

In the middle area of the left side is a D-Pad that asue you to easily scroll up, down, left or right in a document.

Solid Security Management for Protected Computing To give business travelers peace of mind, the R2E offers total data protection that meets the evolving security needs with both software and hardware solutions.

Wireless was toggled between on and off over this period and the device was used for about 2 hours of the time. Whatever Vista is doing when it is doing its thing interferes with what you want to be doing. Digital Entertainment On-the-Go The R2E packs in a great number of multimedia features for personal entertainment anywhere. The worst of that is though, that the RAM cannot be upgraded. Ultimately, the R2E empowers users to go further, Do more!! The RAM memory is so touchsccreen that literally anything you do is accompanied by a read action from the hard disk and a momentary pause before your command is acted upon.


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Visit our network of sites: HSDPA is perhaps the more exciting of the two features. Do you really need all those features? The DigiPen stylus also has an eraser end and mouse control buttons so that users can now navigate a wide range of applications with single-handed ease! The overall device is quite thick, I measure it to be about 1.

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One of the biggest issues with the R2E is the design. Bottom of the R2 view large image. Vista might not be the best operating system touchsccreen from a performance perspective but when the system finally does settles down and your one program is loaded it starts to make a little more sense.

We always make an effort to keep it upto date.

If things get out of control, the stand on the rear can be used to place it on a table.