It would need a controller called “Events”, but there is a class called “Events” which is a library. CodeIgniter autoload specific classes Ask Question. This drastically improves autoloading as you give the autoload class a pointer as to where it should be looking for this code, instead of how packages currently work: The requirement for namespaces can be somewhat avoided if you prefix or suffix classes, but that is just a workaround and not a solution. You can leave few options to their default values except hostname, username, password, database and dbdriver. To take advantage of the missing features I’ve mentioned especially the ones that PHP 5.

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Models serve to represent the data objects retrieved from our aitoload so that they can be codeignlter throughout our app. The main reason here is that there is no indicator to what you are actually trying to load, so when you try “new Foo;” it could be a library, a model, some random third-party code you found on a blog, a Zend class you’ve bundled in, anything. I would have loved to work that in, but of course namespaces are PHP 5.

Email Required, but never shown. It is a list of libraries that you can autoload passing through array list. CodeIgniter has had more bug fixes, tweaks, improvements and new features than any other version in history.

Now that PHP 5. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Monolog, Symfony Codeigniteer, Doctrine Common, autolad are all used where needed to perform the tasks they were built for. In the given example, we are autoloading URL and file helpers.

CodeIgniter Basic Configuration Using Auto load – NHIT Tech Blog

One should autoload the frequently used system, rather than loading it at local level, repeatedly. While I am over the moon that CodeIgniter has not rewritten itself a million times that would really screw with PyroCMSthere needs to be some sort of middle codeigniterr and that just isn’t happening.

Look at the example given below. If the Downvoter can explain why this is codeigniteer voted, It will be more clear for others also!!

If two packages contain a “Curl” library then it’s going to load the first autoloae it finds. Most of the features added to PHP before this have not fundamentally changed the way a framework should look. However, you should always configure this explicitly and never rely on autoguessing, especially in production environments. Laravel 3 was also based heavily on CodeIgniter, Kohana and FuelPHP – autoloxd they’ve already done the hard work, built a community, built a website, set up the Twitter account, trademarked a name, organized the conference – I don’t see how another fork is going to help anything.

Besides allowing us to represent data objects, one of the major responsibilities of a model is to interact with our database. Multiple times I looked into coddigniter I could work autoloading into CodeIgniter properly, but never came up with anything feasible.

CodeIgniter – Configuration

That’s happened three times already. Your class files will be included “automatically” when you call init them without these functions: Luckily, as we discussed in a previous lesson, variables make it very easy for us to do just that. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. This is extremely frustrating and could be solved with prefix or suffix support.


It’s not that development just isn’y happening, because it is. The second will never be loaded thanks to the “singleton” approach, meaning if package B requires functionality in a different version of “Curl” then it’s codeignitsr to break.

It is a list of helper files, to be autoloaded. The ideal solution would be to include the composer autoloader, but that won’t happen because the community in general has always been extremely against command-line utilities being used. New times call for new tools, so use something new. The logical question to ask next is why don’t EllisLab do it? Notify me of new posts by email.

So instead I tried to do a small change to the first if statement, codelgniter this:. Components of Laravel can be used in any framework and the framework itself is extremely skinny and unassuming. They’ve not rewritten it in the last 6 years, why would they start now?

Use Composer to install your packages, and if you are trying to use something that does not have a composer. To take advantage of the missing features I’ve mentioned especially the ones that PHP 5.