If you are unable to print to a directly connected printer, or printing stops partway, this driver may solve your problem. Downloading Gutenprint Please download Gutenprint from our project page. The command to unpack this file is tar xjvf gutenprint We continued to move toward 5. We were fortunate that Roger Leigh joined the project shortly after the Gimp-Print 4. The main impact is for developers that link against the Gutenprint library.

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Gutenprint was formerly called Gimp-Print.

New as of June 17, ! I was expecting that there would be one more release of Gimp-Print 4. Project Description This application will alter the standard Gutenprint definition files to enable them to print 1 A white under-base and 2 A three color composite image for use with direct to garment printers. I think it should be more easy to use especially for starters, I could not install the gutenprint no matter how I tried. So basically, everything that has to do with converting an image to how to fire the nozzles in an Epson is done, pretty much, before the data is sent to the printer.

Gutenprint…The Poor Man’s RIP

I know Gutenprint has 1 dither algorithm that supports up to 3 sizes. I will have a look later this evening and follow your instructions.


Your name or email address: I did not try the RIP for printing yet, only see the option The resolution parameter in the driver-output data is only a meta-resolution, typically wibdows or dpi, sometimes dpi for certain monochrome or high-quality photo modes on a limited number of printers. Also, an additional eighteen new Epson printers has been added.


This is a PPC-only binary. Share This Page Tweet.

Media Player Classic – Home Gjtenprint. One windoww the main goals, which was not expected to be met until late in the version 3. There were a number of serious but subtle bugs with the CUPS and Foomatic interfaces that needed to be fixed in order to have a useful 5.

It only works with 32 bit Photoshop products and Gimp of which I have no experience. To discriminate your posts from the rest, you need to pick a nickname.

Gutenprint Downloads

The name Gutenprint recognizes Johannes Gutenbergthe inventor of the movable type printing press. Please see the announcement at http: This wound up being the final Gimp-Print 4.

This release fixes some important bugs, adds support for additional printers, and offers improvements for others. You can find information and download links for the latest release gutenpirnt http: New as of April 23, !

Since we elect to make Epsons work with different paper, ink, cartridge chips and different software, we have a lot to learn and play with. This release offers several important fixes for 5.


Gutenprint – Wikipedia

I’ve added several more pages to the WinGP manual. We wanted the next generation of Gimp-Print to be more than just another incremental advance.

Roger is a superb architect, gutfnprint he quickly whipped the somewhat disorganized code base into shape. Both with PSE and with Gimp. This release created a lot of excitement in the OS X world and for us, and we did three more releases in quick succession culminating with Gimp-Print 4. In such a case, the printer can be configured to use a standard Postscript driver.

After a very long hiatus, the Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5. We decided that the architectural wondows user experience changes were sufficient to name the next release 5. Macintosh OS X Users! It is possible that someone else could use the exactly same nickname.