Every year a new version comes out, I think. How can I use Virtual DJ with my laptop? I don’t regret having bought it, given the use I give it, but buy something else for professional MP3 mixing applications. For the price, I expected something more complex which said that I was naive?!? Could someone maybe help with this please? Very short latency on my PC. Given the price could go

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dj console MK2 compatibility

Top of the page. No, because as a beginner, I have already learned tips Posted Sat 23 Feb 08 7: The Mk2 has been supported by Native since Traktor 3, so it is definitely there, except that I made a mistake in the path, which should be: It is marked qu’l have to put the driver, install it and then plug the console How about if you go directly to the folder outside of Traktor: Since installing the latest driver and firmware version for my DJ Console, headphone previewing is not working anymore with Virtual DJ.


The following should be checked: What shocket is the eeprom? When you get a good mix with, without using the graphs of virtual dj, you know mix of all types of decks! Hi guy’s new to the site. It Gniale for a mix at home.

So it’s not something I recommend Plus, the role of external sound card that allows me to scratch with vinyl timecode. No need for manual – The drivers are stable? Using an external mixer with your DJ Console Mk2. When I switch between deck a and b I cant hear any thing, when i put the headphone selector hefcules mix I hear the music, but I cant hear the decks seperately.

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How do I configure Traktor LE to use external sources? The upgrade to the 08 drivers worked.

Hi I’m sorry for my english. Again sorry 4 my very bad english. Everything to spoil an evening with the sound enough lev.

Happy Holidays!

I use it since Hi MaxdjackThanks for your direct reply. The required TSI files can be downloaded for all Hercules controllers d What is the problem?


Posted Sun 13 Apr 08 9: As I scratch in my MP3s with real turntables. But, when the track is stoped and you wanna find a beat for a cue point Thanks a lot Maxdjack Herucles easy installation under Win XP. I am not sure what settings I need to enable in order for me to do this.

Actually I can hear all the songs in traktor pro through my hercules hetcules console but It doesn’t work at all. What good is that? I notice some sort of ‘delay effect’ when I’m using an external source.