It also says to not install the driver from the desktop or my documents folder. Windows 7 64 bitl has not been tested. Then, use your old terminal to verify your communication settings. Find More Posts by controlled. Started by waterboy , 9 May

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Dear Larry, Than you for cooperations, we have the following case description: I can summarize your comment in one of three ways: I have a piece of hardware on v15 that I can’t update.

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By ScienceOfficer on 16 April, – Look for damage to the cable or to the pin D connector on the KT. Instalk must be a Control. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

By Mike on 16 April, – Installed the Series 3 Software 4. I dont know what version your card is, but I remember doing that some years ago and still using the same driver with no problems. Windows 7 64 bitl has not been tested. Twitter Reddit Digg del. A new interface module every fifteen years isn’t so bad. IS there any scientific procedure by which we can reach the optimum efficient communication with the PLC??


You must make sure that you have booted into a pure DOS mode, that the cardware drivers are loaded correctly, the address offsets are correct in the software and that the binaries for the PCMK with DOS software have been updated. To take your points in order: Suggested procedures Please confirm: By JDC on 16 April, – December 20th, Used the Series.

Thanks for the ijstall Larry jnstall it is all too true.

Rockwell Automation 1784-PCMK PCMK Communication Card Installation Manual User Manual

By Emad Houssein on 22 April, – 5: Fortune Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which pfmk tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth. No driver is needed, although diagnostic programs can be downloaded from ab.

Jnstall got an extra laptop that’s running XP Pro A driver “stored” on the hard drive is not the same as “installed” where Windows is concerned. Just make sure you pick pcmk, and not pktx. In the end, while you can get repairs and support for all of the communication options ever sold for the PLC-2, few combinations make sense for new applications with modern PCs.


If you try and use PKTX with a pcmk card you will be restarting your computer. Larry Emad has been dealing with me on this issue off list and it has been resolved.

I really need urgent help and Advise.

Win 7 and PCMK card? – Allen Bradley –

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That’s why so many of us use VMs.